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Energy Mechanical Services is your full service industrial HVAC company. Energy Mechanical Services
specializes in the installation, service and repair of commercial, residential and industrial air conditioning,
ventilation, heating and refrigeration systems.

Besides providing a healthy, comfortable environment for the facility’s occupants, an industrial HVAC system
will often times play a critical role in the actual production process. From food processing facilities to
manufacturing plants, Energy Mechanical Services has the skills and experience to set up and maintain the
HVAC systems for any type of industrial building.

We can design, assist and install a new HVAC system for your facility or change out or modify your existing
system. We’ll come out to your site and discuss with your team the particular needs of your facility and
develop a system ideally suited for your industrial process. We can also analyze your existing system to
determine ways of improving performance and reducing operating costs. We carefully inspect all of our
industrial HVAC installations, putting each unit through a rigorous test, adjust and balance procedure to
insure that it operates to specifications.

Energy Mechanical Services provides excellent 24/7 HVAC and refrigeration service and repair to our
industrial customers. Our HVAC repair teams know that a successful industrial business must maintain a
strict production schedule to remain profitable. The last thing your business can afford is extensive
downtime – that’s why we’ll stick to a job until it’s completed, even it means working round the clock. We
provide complete maintenance services to keep your system up and running at peak efficiency. This includes
repairing and replacing worn parts and filters, calibrating the equipment, and cleaning and lubricating the
system’s components to maximize performance and prevent mold contamination.

Energy Mechanical Services has the experience and know-how to find a solution to all of your HVAC
installation, service and repair needs. Our highly trained technicians have the experience and skills to tackle
even the most difficult HVAC service and repair projects – on time and on budget. To find out more about
our residential, commercial and industrial HVAC services, contact Energy Mechanical Services at (936) 931-